How to get the text including the Parenthesis from the Input Text

Hi there,

I do have a extracted text
strInput1= "Sachin Bio (10)(100) Rohith Virat "
strInput2=“Sachin Rohith Bio(45) Virat”
strInput3=“Sachin Rohith Virat Bio(18)”

Here Sachin , Rohith and Virat and Folder names, when I click on Sachin there will be subfolder called Bio and documents named (10)(100)

Output for strInput1 is (10)(100)
Output for strInput2 is (45)
Output for strInput3 is (18)

Based on the outputs , i need to click on the Text,
ex: Output for strInput1 is (10)(100)

here, I need to loop the two outputs I need to loop (10), (100) and then based on the test info I need to click on the Text (10) in the first iteration and (100) in the second iteration because of Citrix Automation.
By using OCR Activities able to extract the text , but for clicking the text it is not working …

Please help me in this

Thanks in advance



Matches Activity (Input: strInput1, Pattern: (\d+))
Result: folderAndDocumentMatches

For Each (TypeArgument: System.Text.RegularExpressions.Match) in folderAndDocumentMatches
Click Text (Text: item.ToString())
Delay or other actions if needed

Hi @kmaddikatla ,

Try this:
string.Join("",Regex.Matches("Sachin Bio (10)(100) Rohith Virat","\(\d+\)").OfType(of Match).Select(function(x) x.value.ToString).toArray)


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