How to separate parts of Screen Scraping

Hey guys,

I use Screen Scraping to get information from an intranet application.
For this I use the method “Full text”.
the result is first name, last name with a comment in parentheses.
I need the information in parentheses.
The whole process is in a loop, so the length of the names varies each time.
Also the length of the information in parentheses.

I need help! How can I extract the information in parentheses?

1st loop: Simon Smith (XX-61)
2nd loop: Steve Willcock’s Harrison (X-627)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Something like this should( non regex)

StrValue= Output.Split(New String() {“(”,“)”}, StringSplitOptions.None)(1)

Regex is the solution! Thank you :slight_smile: