How to get the system information from our file ?- FileInfo and FileInfoSystem

Hello everybody,

I allow myself to open this topic because I do not find how to retrieve system information from a file. I know how to get the path of it. I know how to get his extension. But I would like if possible to get the information - system of it. Namely that size - that creation date - that modification date - that last access date - and the owner of this file.

I looked at the .net documentation.

I found this:

Maybe I do not understand how to transcribe the lines of code in UIPATH directly.

I tried this:

I assign a variable “listFiles” = System.IO.Directory.GetFiles (“reports”)
listFiles -> String

It’s good.

infoMe = new fileinfo(item.ToString)

My Wrile line is good -> infoMe.ToString

But if I try this it does not work:

assign -> fileMe = System.IO.FileSystemInfo(item.ToString)
fileMe -> Type = FileSystemInfo

It does not work

Maybe I do not understand what I’m doing.

Thank you for help.

If I’m not very clear thank you for telling me.
I come from the PHP world and I’m not yet developed with .net and Vba



Thank you very much for your quick response. I’m testing it right away.