How to get information in File Properties

Hi, im newbie and i want to ask how can get the information in properties >details tab in files? anyone can help me?thanks you.

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have a look here and give a try

thanks, and how to take information tag? comment? title?..on specific file ? what the activity can do that? and save in string varias.


string_var= “path to the file”
file_var (fileInfo type) = new System.IO.FileInfo(string_var)

Then you can get different properities of that file by calling it in for.ex. write line:

file_var. (And press ctrl+space)

Choose and test between different properties. You can print them in write line by converting those by .ToString method

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Hello @Bin_Bin

Can you try the Grt file info activity.


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Thanks you, i will try it.

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Thanks, its can be get comment and tag of file?

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We can get the details one by one… But we can’t get all the info at a time…

Try like this:

new System.IO.FileInfo("FilePath").LastAccessTime.ToString



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thanks,i want to get “Comment” and “Tag” field. Is it could do?


What kind of file you’re dealing with?


ideal with mp4 file example , its properties have tab detail, and have many field as Comment, tag…

thank, but i have not find the way to find info about tag, title, comment…, can you help me?

Did you tried with Get file info activity??

Yes, i have tried, and dont see tag or comment field

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