How to get information in File Properties

Hi, im newbie and i want to ask how can get the information in properties >details tab in files? anyone can help me?thanks you.

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have a look here and give a try

thanks, and how to take information tag? comment? title?..on specific file ? what the activity can do that? and save in string varias.


string_var= “path to the file”
file_var (fileInfo type) = new System.IO.FileInfo(string_var)

Then you can get different properities of that file by calling it in for.ex. write line:

file_var. (And press ctrl+space)

Choose and test between different properties. You can print them in write line by converting those by .ToString method


Hello @Bin_Bin

Can you try the Grt file info activity.


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Thanks you, i will try it.

Vào 20:56, CN, 10 Th7, 2022 Jakub Swiderski via UiPath Community Forum <> đã viết:

Thanks, its can be get comment and tag of file?

Vào 22:48, CN, 10 Th7, 2022 Rahul Unnikrishnan via UiPath Community Forum <> đã viết:


We can get the details one by one… But we can’t get all the info at a time…

Try like this:

new System.IO.FileInfo("FilePath").LastAccessTime.ToString



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thanks,i want to get “Comment” and “Tag” field. Is it could do?


What kind of file you’re dealing with?


ideal with mp4 file example , its properties have tab detail, and have many field as Comment, tag…

thank, but i have not find the way to find info about tag, title, comment…, can you help me?

Did you tried with Get file info activity??

Yes, i have tried, and dont see tag or comment field

Vào 01:05, CN, 17 Th7, 2022 Rahul Unnikrishnan via UiPath Community Forum <> đã viết:

Hi @Bin_Bin, did you manage to get this working? I am stuck with a similar problem; I have hundreds of MP3 files for which I need to look at and update the title.
Any suggestion is highly appreciated, thanks in advance.

We would recommend to open a new topic for your case and get individually help for it. Especially when it is about updating the title maybe some nuget focussing on id3 tags will better fit.

Did anyone have any solution to extract all the metadata from a file?

Hi, you find the solution here