How to get the sharepoint file link using the microsoft office 365 scope

Hi team ,

We are in migration of all the current exchange activities to Microsoft office 365 scope activities.
Please help me in fetching the sharepoint link of a particular file.

Do let me know which activity I can use since I am not getting

Hi @gokul1904
please check this one.

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Hi @raja.arslankhan Can you please provide with a basic example xaml if possible?


Hi @gokul1904
Sorry I have no Example for your Specific Scenario.
please read steps are given in documentation.
you can read this one also.

Share a file with a link - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Learn

  1. Find files by “find files and folders” to get an output of drive item arrays
  2. Use for each to iterate over output and declare file.webUrl to get the url.

Note - the argument type must be “Microsoft.Graph.DriveItem”

@gokul1904 have you get help from my suggested topics

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