How to get the null value data while reading the data from read row

hi iam having the data like this. if i use the read row then it will take only the data which has some value all the null cell will be neglected . after i loop data from it will loop upto the data it contains in that .ex ( 0 , 2 , 2 , 0 ) the size of that will be 2 so it will loop 2 times . iwant the null values also that it will loop for 4 times how can i do this .

HI @akshaygm12,

Use Read range activity to get all the data from the excel sheet.

i thought that but how to increment the value in read range .

In Range pass "" so it will read the all the data from the sheet

if i tried to print it its saying not in raange or already present in the datatable .

i dont want all the data . i want row by row data .


Use index or Column Name

in this the datatable will contain all the data how can i restrict to get only the one row data . ex first-row – 1, 0, 2 ,1,
second row - 2 , 0 ,1 ,1

first i have to read the first row data one by one if it contains null also . how can i do that .

in above it will contain the two rows data in a single datatable .

if i use the
23 value is their using the for loop drexcel to dtexcel .


column named 23 already belongs to this table its geting ,

Hi, Akshay. Try this. (15.8 KB)

Let me know if you have any queries.

thanks siddarth :slight_smile:

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