Get null value from excel

In Excel sheet I have one column total check amount.This column have null value when I try to fetch this in data table.I am not got null value.How to fetch null value.??

can i have a screenshot of that column in excel if possible
once after getting datatable dt we can use a FOR EACH ROW activity and mention the varaible dt as input and inside the loop use a IF condition like this
if true it will go to THEN part where we can use a assign activity like this
row(“Columnname”) = String.Empty


yes sure column name is total check amount.How to get value of column C in data table

But I did not got value in data table.

Fine is the range mentioned as “” or “A1” in READ RANGE activity and ADD HEADERS property enabled so that the column C wiil be considered
then we can assign the string.empty with assign activity inside the IF condition as mentioned above

yes I got null value but when I use finalDt = exceldataDt.copy
finalDt,exceldataDt both are data table variable.I did not got null value

Is column C always empty in your excel? What is the error you are getting?

when I am using filter data then it remove column value total check amount. As mention in attachment

.In this excel sheet value of this column is zero but some it may have value.

Sorry but i still dont understand what is the problem, what are you trying to do? Do you want to filter using the C column?

problem is when I use filter I did not got null value and not get column name also.I already pass the column name in o/p columns.but did not got null value as mention in screen shot

your screen shot of the datatable does show the C column and the null value is there, that is why you have 2 commas with nothing in between…

yes right but after this I used filter then value as well as column removed

I am very sorry but i cant understand what are you trying to filter there? you are showing the wrong tab…

because in my excel sheet have 25 column I want just 8 so I used filter table.

I wouldnt use filter if you dont want to filter, i would just create a string array with all columns i want to remove and after a for each with Remove Data Column.

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hi are you available …?