How to get the End Transaction time and Machine\Robot name of a Queue Item in UiPath Studio

Hi I am using Queue in my process. I can see details like Status, Exception Type, End Processing time and Robot name for each Queue item in Orchestrator Queue as shown below.

Now if I want to access these information for each Queue Item in UiPath Studio, I am able to get info. about STart Processing time, Status, Exception Type etc except End Processing time and Robot name


Can anyone please tell me how to get End Processing time and Robot name property from Queue Item in UiPath Studio.


Did you find a way to access the end transaction time? I would like to access the same information.

@vikasrawat911 , If you have got any solution for this kindly share here.


Has anyone found a solution for this?

you can use Orchestrator Web Service activity

you can use Orchestrator Web Service activity

you can use Orchestrator Web Service activity.


Thanks for your response

Does that allow you end time and robot name? I’ve used get queue item and it gives start time, status etc but not the end time or robot



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August 4
you can use Orchestrator Web Service activity

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July 31
Hi Has anyone found a solution for this?

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@rwoodburn @BharathiB

I don’t know if you still need a means to retrieve Orchestrator Items based on the name of the currently running Robot, but you can use my workaround.

Use my “Get Item” workflow (passing it the argument for QueueName - BotName is optional in case you want to set the current item being processed to a bot name other than the current running bot).

Get Item.xaml (8.7 KB)
You will need to make sure you have the ‘Newtonsoft.Json’ namespace imported

This workflow essentially sets the “Progress” key for the Item to the name of the Robot. “Progress” key is not the same as “Status” key. “Progress” key is set to ‘null’ by default. Once the item is retrieved, the “Status” is set to “In Progress”.

You can then use something like below to find all the items in a Queue that are currently being processed by the current running bot.

‘ForEach’ item ‘in’ queItems.Where(Function(value) value.Progress = strBotName).ToArray()

@vikasrawat911 : How to get the Start Time? Are you also able to get End Time and Robot name?


@vikasrawat911 I am using Orchestrator Web activity. Can you tell me how to pull the details?