How to get the cell value if there is arrays using for each row

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I have an excel which has arrays of string.

with the every row of the OD number, i will need to go to system to create invoice and then write the invoice number back to the input template.

Kindly advise us how can i design the workflow or which activity i should use.input template (04112020).xlsx (11.5 KB)

Thank you.

Hi. You can iterate through rows with For Each Row activity
For each row in dt
DO_array = row(“DO”).Split(","c)

DO_array is an array of String that contains all your DO’s

You can iterate through it with For Each activity


Thanks for your feedback.

i was trying to assign the “DO” row to be a variable

Then create an array of String variable (New_ODArrays)

Use a for each activity .

But what i want is i need to get the numbers separated from"," row by row… means 1 row, 1 case, 1 attempt

but when i use for each, it will get the number separated one by one whether they are in the same row or not.

Let say for this first row, it has 3 numbers. So , i need to get it one by one and key in into the system t o create billing


Kindly advise me how to do that.

Thank you

I am not sure I got your point. Do you need smth like this?


Sorry for the late reply.

Hereby i attached my workflow and input excel sheet for your reference.

I need to get the DO number for every row and then use it to proceed further action in other system.

In some of the rows, there is more than 1 set of number so i stored it in arrays and split it by “,” and get it one by one.

But not sure why i was unable to get the correct number.

You may try to execute the process, you will understand better.

Thank you.Main.xaml (20.8 KB) input template (04112020).xlsx (11.0 KB)