Retrieve All jobs in status Faulted in Orchestrator

Hello, i need to retrieve all jobs faulted for a specific period for all my orchestrator.

I use activity Get Jobs
i use this filter with successfull “CreationTime ge 2022-12-29T00:00:00.01Z and State eq ‘Faulted’”
to retrieve all job created >=yesterday

the problem is this activity retrieve all jobs from actual orchestrator folder.

How can i download from all folders?

This is my actual orchestrator situation (all folders are modern type)

HI @l.sambinelli ,
because UiPath studio mapped with that particular folder so you are getting status for that particular folder job faulted alone. Try API refer below link

How to get jobs from all folders using Orchestrator HTTP request activity? - Help / Orchestrator - UiPath Community Forum


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Ok thank you

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