How to get text font & color from web page text in uipath

Hi Everyone, i have a scenario that i want to get the Text color and Font type of a Text from web page. Can anyone help me which activity i can use.
I used screen scraping Native text but i didn’t find any option there to check color and Font.

I’m attaching sample screenshot and the sample website URL below.

Hi @Learner007 ,

Can you confirm if you’ll be also receiving Texts that are in image or only text ui elements ?

The example/sample website provided contains an Image which contains text with a color.

Let us know your confirmation on the above, then we might be able to help you better.

Hi @supermanPunch It’s only text

@Learner007 ,

If that is the case, would you consider the below sample to be a better example for the problem at hand ?

It is not an image, we can copy the text content.

Yeh @supermanPunch but is there any activity in uipath to find Color & Font of the Text.

Hi @Learner007 ,

Give a try on the below component :

Take the Output in the form of Dictionary, we should be able to get the css attributes available like text and formatting.


sure @supermanPunch i will check this once

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