How to get text color in pdf?

suggest me any possible ways !

Hey Jagadeesh,

Yse you can, Font information by Get full text activity

there is one another way to find pdf font information, first change that pdf to word By Balarewa.PDF.Activities or any other activity if exists

then you can create a python function to recognize text font information’s

the code is:
import docx
path = ‘/home/karamveer/Downloads/222.docx’ #your docx file path
doc = docx.Document(path)
for p in doc.paragraphs:
name =
size =
print name, size

hope this will help you


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hi aditya.prakash,
could you tell how to get the pdf to word converting activity…!
and one more thing is can i write code in which you mentioned in python???


open package manager
search pdf, you will get BalaReva.PDF.Activities


for your another question, as i’m versed in Python/java so I preferred them, my hands is weak in .Net so, you can google it “How to get word Font Information
you will definitely get any library for the same:wink:

Happy Automation



i could able to find this " BalaReva.PDF.Activities" ! could you please send me that BalaReva.PDF.Activities file which will be at your “C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\Packages”