How to get subtable from datatable based on column value?

I have a table from the excel sheet by read range activity my excel file is the output of some report which has header and line in my flow want to extract line table from the above read range. my line table is dynamic and it does not appear in the same row every time. I want to take the subtable without using the loop condition. Is there any possible way?. And take the line table with the line column names.

Could you share dummy excel files so we can better understand? I belive what you want can be done with filter.

I want to take the ( Sno To total amount) separately with column headers.

Buddy @ganesh_rajan

  1. Open the excel application scope
  2. use read range activity with range “” that would read all the rows
  3. use for each row loop to itertate through each row
  4. mention the if condition inside the for each row loop like
    If this condition pass, in then part get the index of that row with a assign activity like
    row_index = out_dt.Rows.Indexof(row).ToString
    with this you will get the starting row index
  5. after this for each row loop, use a read range activity with input of the sheetname and here comes the solution…the range what you have to mention
    mention the range like “A”+row_index
    this will start to read from that cell till the table ends…

Thats all buddy you are all done

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If i press row(0).c contains not appearing…can you tell the exact issue?

type row(0).toString.Contains
row(0) i assume is of object type.

its row(0).ToString.Contains buddy @ganesh_rajan

thank you both of you…it’s working


Thats great buddy

Cheers keep going

Hi palaniyappan

One small doubt,Following screenshot,you can able to see the invoice report.There i want to extract only table.i don’t want to extract invoice,date,total and thank you…Is there anyway to extract table only using loop concept or anything?.Give me some idea for this.thanks(Note:-Don’t know the range in runtime)


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