How to get specific characters from string

hi Guys,
this is scrapping data string:
Challan - JPR2018-19/0112
Tax Invoice - JPR2018-19/0176

Expected string

Please give me solution

Hi @smita.mobifly
here you go buddy
like this

if your input text is like this(of two lines)
intext = “Challan - JPR2018-19/0112
Tax Invoice - JPR2018-19/0176”

Then like this buddy
outtext = split(intext.split(environment.newline.toarray())(0)," - ")(1).ToString.Trim

and it worked buddy



if you have like single line like this
intext = “Challan - JPR2018-19/0112”

then like this buddy
outtext = split(intext," - ")(1).ToString.Trim

Cheers @smita.mobifly

Did that work buddy @smita.mobifly

yeah its work…thanku so much …:slight_smile:

Keep going buddy @smita.mobifly

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