How to extract the latest date from Excel using uipath

I have one with 2 I need to extract the latest date of Rejected date, resubmitted date and posted (Uploaded by ) date along with comments using UiPath.

I have attached the input screenshot for your reference.

Kindly suggest.

I want,
posted (uploaded by) 03/31/2023,
Resubmitted 05/9/2023, and
Rejected 05/31/2023.
Thanks in advance



use r(“columnName”).tostring)).toarray

then use regexexpressions for the above array values to get the dates


Read Range into a datatable.

  • For each Row in datatable
    ** Else If CurrentRow(“Status”).ToString.ToUpper.Contains(“POSTED”) - use Regex to get date and store in your posted date variable
    ** Else If CurrentRow(“Status”).ToString.ToUpper.Contains(“RESUBMITTED”) - use Regex to get date and store in your resubmitted date variable
    ** Else If CurrentRow(“Status”).ToString.ToUpper.Contains(“REJECTED”) - use Regex to get date and store in your rejected date variable

Thank you for your suggestion.
But I need latest rejected and resubmitted dates from Excel along with comments.

Can you please help me .

Thanks in advance