How to get sheet id from a spreadsheet


I need to retrieve the unique sheet ids of each sheet present in a spread sheet.
For example this : 1SiwX3hApM_SB-jUIXE6_-pfykNVvA_9UT3ONwR04Vo4/edit#gid=430182552

The spreadsheet is dynamically created in the code and it has multiple sheets.
The aim is to retrieve the ids of each sheet of the spreadsheet in a variable.

Any help would be appreciated on this topic.


Hi @yogendra.kulkarni

Hope this link is helpful

Hi Aditya,

Thanks for your quick response.

Actually I do not need sheet names I am using google sheets so I need the sheet id to be retrieved.
I was able to get the sheet names before.

Hi @yogendra.kulkarni

Did u tried this


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