How to get Excel Sheet name?

I face a scenario where I am reading an excel file which has sheet name as “Sheet2” . But this Sheet name could change going forward. So, While reading a file using “Read Range” activity, How to pass the “Sheetname” which is currently available in the file rather than hardcoding it?

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Hi @esakkiappan.b ,

We could get all sheet names of a Workbook using the Get WorkBook Sheets Activity :


Could you try this and let us know if you are able to get the Sheet name as required.

Thanks. I used “get workbook Sheet” activity . yes I could able to get it by passing the index of the sheet and an output variable to get the sheet name.

So, We could specific sheetnames using “get workbook Sheet” and all sheetnames in an excel using “get workbook Sheets” acitvity

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