How to get rid of these dots


I am trying to read from an word file. its a template with table(customized) . So when i am trying to read text from the word file , for any string i am trying to extract its followed by the ‘.’. Its not a dot character for sure as replace the dot character wont work. Any idea how to get rid of the bullet point kind of character in the string. The concern is i am not able to locate what kind of character this would be.

its kind of black circle character, but not sure.

Hi @kiranmili

From what i understand seeing your image, it looks like the automatic bullet points of MS Word feature.

If you don’t want that then maybe you have to manually turn off automatic bullet points feature and if you want it done in real time use word macros/ run a macro by referencing this word file to turn it off.

Hope this helps.


Hi @kiranmili,
Have you tried to search for this dot symbol in Symbol table in Word and copy it and try to use this in your code?
Eventually you can get it from here → •