How to get Purchase Order from SAP Status bar and input it to Goods Receipt Transaction Code "MIGO"

Hi Team,

I am using Ui Path studio for SAP Automation testing, I can record Purchase Order Process using Ui path tool, wanted to know how to get Purchase Order number from the string “Standard PO created under the number 12345”(pfa) after picking 12345 Purchase Order number I would like use it in GR t-code “MIGO”

Please let me know the solution.



Hi, welcome to uipath community forum

if you are automating SAP , please enable the scripting on SAP
Now use ‘get text’ activity to get the text with the invoice number , and output will be string variable ex: Str1
Now use assign activity
Str1 = Regex.Match(Str1, @"\d+").Value
This will give you only digits from the string
So you will get invoice number