How to get null values using TransactionItem.SpecificContent from the transaction item data

Hi UiPath Family,

In my process i am retrieving the Specific content of a transaction item and in the content customer_email would be sometimes “null”.
If there is a null value i need to send exception mail, else i need to send mail to the customer mail id. Can someone help/guide me through this as soon as possible?

Note: i am using C# language and it is client requirement. i’ve tried many ways like string.isnullorempty kind of stuff but no luck. I am able to handle mail part also but I am not able to handle the null value of particular data.



Check below thread for your reference

Hope this will help you


Checked the mentioned thread but all this in not in C#. Anyway I’ve found the method to call.

Give the below condition in If statement to check for null values in C#.
TransactionItem.SpecificContent[“Your Key”] == null.
The above condition gives you boolean and design your flow accordingly.

Satish Kumar

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