How to get no of value from dictionary?

Hi All,

I have fetched web table and store into list of Dictionary(String,String).
And I need to get only all “Status” value and store into other variable.

For Reference:-
ID Vehicle ModelNo Status
101 V1 1002 Clean
102 V2 1003 Other
103 V3 1005 Not Needed

Scenario :- If all Status value is Clean, than kick out an exception otherwise move for further process.
Can anyone suggest, how to get all status value and store in which type of variable?

Hi @shuklarchana001 ,

If you have Stored the Table in a Dictionary, meaning the Status Column as Values of the Dictionary.

The you can use the Below Expression to Check if all the Values of Dictionary contains "Clean" :


dict is your dictionary variable.

The Above Expression Should result in True if the Clean is present in all values.

Actually, I need to check column “Status” has all rows as “clean”. Not only one row.

Status Status
Clean Clean
Clean Other
Clean Not Needed

Condition is, if status has all clean rows than out and if not than in

@shuklarchana001 , Isn’t the table stored in the form of a Dictionary?

We may require more details on the Input and the Expected Output you need.

It’s storing in the form of a Dictionary.

Currently what’s happing with this, This is check first row of status column and if first row of Status column is “Clean”. It will move to throw exception.

And I want , this should be check all rows before throw error.
Like, If Status is clean , then check for next row if status is clean and so on

if we got it right we do have many dictionaries, all stored as items within the list and we want get out if in all dictionaries the status value is Clean

dictList.All(Function (dct) dct("Status").toString.Trim.toLower.Equals("clean"))

will return true or false

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It’s working. Thank you for help

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