How to if condition from dictionary?


I have a task with condition below.

There’s an excel file containing list of dangerous area in zip code format, and a data in data table containing customer data and the data table has zip code of each customer. And I want my robot to do checking between the value zip code in data table and inputted zip code in excel file.

For example : If there’s a zip code in data table equals to the one in excel file, then value is yes, else no.

The problem is, I have excel file containing 3 dangerous in zip code (12345, 23456, 34567). When I use for each row and pass it into variable (let’s call it dangerous_area) it only stores the last value (34567) So it only check address that contains zip code 34567. Is there anyway to do the if condition? Because for each inside for each will take very long time because my customer data is more than thousands, and the dangerous area list will be more than 50…

you want to skip dangerous area?

can you give sample input?

Not skip. But to put the value yes or no. So the condition is if customer_zip_code value is equal to inputted zip code then value is yes, else no. It will look like this :

writeline “Yes”
writeline “No”

This is the attached list :

List.xlsx (7.8 KB)

in then part you can do like

dictionary_var(“writeline”)=“yes” like this

Okay I forgot to mention 1 thing.

The robot is reading 2 different excel.

1 excel is customer list, another one is dangerous area.

The customer list contains customer number, so the robot is querying using customer number and get the address from API (HTTP Request) and converted the data from JSon to data table (dt_customer). That’s where the customer_zip_code coming from.

Next, robot is reading the dangerous area excel file, and stores it in dictionary and I pass it into variable dangerous_area. The problem is the when I output the dangerous_area variable outside for each row, it always output the last value. How to check the other value outside for each row?