How to get next column value based on current column value


I have excel file with A and B column data. I want to get “B” column value based on the “A” Column value.
I have user lookup range to find cell reference for A column as per value and get the correct reference also, but not able to get B column value.
Please suggest feasibility.

in Below suppose A column value is 305 then AM should get from B column.


I have used below activity which gives me reference as A7, So want to get value from B7

you can use Lookup dataTable activity
follow this screenshot
where outDT is output of Read Range activity of reading Input Excel File.
through Input Method you can give input-ouput of Input dialog box is -InputVar

please follow below video

Str2=DT.Asenumerable.where(Function(r) r(0).Tostring.Trim=str).First().item(1).Tostring

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