How to Get Meta tag values from a website?


Can anyone help me to get meta values from a website? My Project sample is like

I want get data in between from <meta … /> tags?

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Please refere to this:
Uipath and metadata

Once you have the data you can always split it with string.split and use an if loop to get the strings with <meta for example.

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Well if the meta tags are for webservices or search engines to find (as I am not sure whether you are showing the page Source in the image posting) then you can’t possibly indicate that as an element so maybe you can go in the route of ‘Find children’ and in the visual tree/ source you can iterate through the descendants of the division the meta tags are housed under.

I haven’t worked on extracting these meta values, please check and tell me whether it works.

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Use this and extract data from it.

Am not getting it exactly. Can you please tell me how to select a tag file using find children?

Thank you but how to get it using uipath?

Use get text activity on that website.

Not getting it…


Yes Thank You
But my problem is I want to get the Meta data from the website using uipath only. Here I couldn’t use any link to get that in between. ;-(


Here is how to use find children activity. Hope this helps in extraction of your meta tag values. use the whole page source as the parent and loop through it and see whether the value is gotten by setting different attributes in get attribute activity indicated.,

Download the following file :

Please close this question and mark whichever answer gave you a solution.Test.xaml (8.0 KB)

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It works!!! Thank you so much

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You’re welcome buddy :slight_smile:

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