How to get mail message from particular sender

How to get mail messages from particular sender…
I just want to see mails of particular user using IMAP

HI @ImPratham45,

Refer this link,


What @arivu96 shared is very useful. See attached workflow -

Main.xaml (6.7 KB)

In such way you can have if condition and filter messages on the basis of Name, Address, Subject etc.

In attached workflow just apply a if condition in for each loop like this -

if(item.From.Address.Contains(“XYZ”)) then your stuff

here we filter the body how to get mail from particular sender say , I want to see messages/mails from YouTube

I tried these :
items.From.Address.contains(“xyz”) but i am not getting any output so my question is which expression should I use for fetching mails from particular user

It Will work.before filtering check whether that mail id any mails came or not.


I have tried this but it shows : above pic

I also tried this:

Still answer getting in message box is “nothing”

but in inbox there are message from that mail id

Have you changed TypeArgument for For Each loop to System.Net.Mail.MailMessage?


Hi @ImPratham45,

Use ".ToString() "

It will return the Boolean value.

Use if condition check


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yes @PrankurJoshi

it gives false condition but in my inbox there are mails from that user

send your xaml file i ll check and update you @ImPratham45

Main.xaml (10.9 KB)

I just remove email and pass so kindly correct it

This is working for me. Just one thing why have you again used Get IMap message activity in if condition?

for deleting the mail which is from that user

actually i get a task in which i need to delete all the mails from YouTube/Facebook so i am trying to do this things

Please check DeletedMessages property in Get IMAP Message activity -

ya but it is not going in then of IF loop it goes in else only

hi arivu
its not working in my case.
any suggestions??



how did u get emails from perticular sender?
i also tried this method but didn’t work,…
can u tell me the correct method?