How To Get Inner Arrays In API Call Response In Swagger?

When an Orchestrator API endpoint response is received in Swagger it does not show the inner nested arrays in response. How to get those inner arrays?

According to current structure of Orchestrator API calls in swagger, if the response contains inner nested arrays then those data are not directly available in response.

  • In order to get the inner array contents, expand the inner array using OData Expand.

In swagger the expand option is available as an parameter and the name of the array that needs to be expanded should be passed as an argument to it. Read more on the $expand .

Find the sample URL below. In the response of the endpoint, "ExecutorRobots" is the inner array that does not get expanded automatically. The call to the endpoint without expand parameter looks like below: But if you want to find the contents of the inner array "Executor Robot" then the endpoint URL will look like below: