How to get inline image in the mail body!Error

I have added the html code in the body when we add the image it is coming like a attachment as well

Can anyone help me in solving this problem

Hi @Kancharla_Mahija

Use the Create HTML Content activity.

Hope it helps!!

should I create it only for the img I want to add or the entire text field??

can you help me with a example

Hi @Kancharla_Mahija ,

Eli rate the issue.

Pavan kumar


You can add whole text

Also this works only for outlook…generally if you use anythign else it will send as attachment only


i need it for outlook now whenever i pass a img i get in the mail as well as a attachment but i need it only in the body of the mail

after this should i directly pass the output of this html activity in the body of send email activity


Try these

it would be there only inline

Or use create html content and pass the output in email and check IsBodyHTML


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yes @Kancharla_Mahija

The output variable of the Create HTML Content activity pass it to the body field in send outlook mail message activity or any other activity. Don’t forget to Check the IsBodyHTML option in the properties.

Check the below image,

Hope you understand!!

Sorry I have made a wrong, please select the Insert Image option in Create HTML Content activity, from that you can upload the image to the body.

Check the below,

Don’t consider the above by adding Add Data Values option.

Hope you understand!!

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it is not showing in the mail output

Okay @Kancharla_Mahija

In which application you have opened the mail.

The image will show in the Outlook application only.

It’s working for me…

it is in outlook only


Keep your Image in your Current Directory and try. :slight_smile:


already in the current directory only

where you are getting the image, the image is in the local folder in your machine or you are getting it from any other source. @Kancharla_Mahija

In local folder itself

You are logged in to web application of Outlook it will not show you the image in the body, login the same outlook account in desktop application then you will get the image in the body.

Hope you understand!! @Kancharla_Mahija

When placing an image within an email we decide for the strategy which we want to use and described here:

Also we keep in mind, when using any link (e.g. local file) the receivers will not get displayed the image, as it is not present at their local file system.

So, we suggest to explore the Base64 approach

When we want tp configure the Create HTML Content we do:

Variable Mapping:

Image tag placing:
and adding the img tag along with the variable map placeholder:

feel free to define also other attributes (e.g. width, height…)

Not working at the source level would result in encoded <>.
Like (Content View)

to (Source View)