How to get index of row by searching data in JArray?

Files for testing
for_testing.xlsx (8.9 KB)
Sequence6.xaml (12.6 KB)

IF you run my testing file the result will be like this

My question is how to get index of row in JArray example if data is so big and
the excel file is update every so I need to
get lastname value by searching from column name = “jimmy”

Explanation for anyone who confusing with my goals.

After I get the Index of row then I will use that index for something like this for access to value that I want to use for the program.

inside (1) should be become to a variable instead of now is static index of row



Do you need to get “station” from “jimmy”? If so, the following will work.

JsonArray.Where(Function(x) x("Column0").ToString="jimmy").First()("Column1")

This assumes there is a item which you need. If there is possibility target does not exist, it’s necessary to add some logic.


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you can use JsonArray(The line you want from excel).ToArray(the column you want from excel)
Like this

Excellent !!!
Thank you very much 100% works!!!

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