How to get HTML table in Mail Body with specified format?


I am having my html code to send the mail body like

For above mentioned html code I am getting table in outlook like Table
The report duration heading Alignment unable to get properly in above mentioned table.

Now my requirement is ,I need to get the table like attached here Table format need

Can anyone guide me what I need to add with my html code to get report duration heading proper alignment.

Hi @jamunatj

Add one more attribute called colspan for table header


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Thanks for your response @User12
Kindly let me know where I need to add that.

Hi @jamunatj

Add it to your table header style

Try Including colspan here ,

th style =“text-align: center; white-space: nowrap; colspan=2”>

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Thanks for your response @User12
As per your suggestion applied HTML code but now also facing same only in outlook mail Capture table format