How to make html table in e-mail body enlarge

Hey everyone,

I have a process where I get a dt from excel and put it in a e-mail body. I do it using html.

When the value in the cell is long, it writes the words in to new line. like this:

I want it to be Material Number not

My code is this:


Hi @jntrk

I think u need to adjust the table property of html part

what do you mean? how

@jntrk Hope you are doing well.
Can you kindly share your workflow?
I think I can resolve this.

sample.xaml (16.0 KB) Sure

Okay @jntrk,
try width:980px.
And then let me know. The problem over here is minimization of screen may be. Kindly check the video.


It didnt work :frowning: I am not sure, is there a syntax error in the code I posted? I dont know the syntax of html maybe a certain part of that code is not executed.

YEAA you are true. I just zoomed out and actually it did change. How can I fix it to the way I like with table-layout: fixed?

No problem :slight_smile:
kindly mark it as a solution if it helps you.

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