How to get give an error if any fields are missing in Pdf data extraction?

Hi @raju_alakuntla ,

We can use the Extraction Results from the Data Extraction Scope to Check if there are any Data Missing.

First, Since you need to Check only some fields are Required, we can use a String Array variable, and assign all the field name values to it like below :

requiredFields = {"Name","Address","ID"}

requiredFields variable is an Array of String Type.

Next, we assume extractionResults variable is the Output of Data Extraction Scope. Then Check if the Required Fields are missing in the below way :

extractionResults.ResultsDocument.Fields.Where(Function(x)requiredFields.Contains(x.FieldName.ToString) AndAlso x.IsMissing).Any

The Above results in a True, if any one of the Required Fields is missing a Value.

Here, we need to Note that the Field Names are according to the Taxonomy Manager