How to get Failed and Successful items count from Orcehstrator queue?

How to get Failed and Successful items count from Orchestrator queue? I need just the count by status from Queue.


Please check this on how to get queue items and yhe count based on status …

You can use get queue items with specific status with filter…but it gets only 100 at a time…so if more than 100 is expected then you need to perform this in loop to get all items


Hi Santo,

Use get queue items activity in order to get queue items and loop through in order to check and the increase the counter one by one

  • get queue items Activity

    • optional postprocessing essential and/or with LINQ
  • Orchestrator Rest API Call

    • here we can also fetch the count directly with out paging, when we filter on a state

About Paging:
Get Queue Items Activity

Orchestrator Rest API

  • Skip and Top Parameter

I need the Count of successful and Failed after executing Get Queue Item. Rather than verifying the value while looping whether it is success or fail and increasing the count, i want to get the count from the datatable based on status. So in short, i need help with searching datatable for a value (Failed or Successful) and if any of it exists then get the count of it.


Even for getting the count you still need to do all of ut…

Once all the values are retrieved you need to do queueitems.Count to get the count… and as mentioned earlier also…in get queue items you have successful and failed filters…so depending on filter only those items are retrieved…

From the given steps …you have to perform all except what is done inside loop to get other details…so ignoring rhat part use everythign and get the count

So you need not verify rather select the required status in get queue items filter directly and get the count