How to get Excel file Cell Value from specific reference and then increment that cell reference

I am trying to get the Call Value which always start from cell number “C2”, So this will be my starting point and after getting this value I will perform my Operation task. Now I need to check the value in next column (D2) if not blank then get it.
Now once this 2nd Line all value done and BOT found blank cell jump to next row (“C3”) and regular to increment as per explain above.

Need to increment Column and Rowas also.
I have used below activit but not able to get the expected output.

Below is the Input example.

Below activity I used


Hi @nilesh.mahajan

Use For each row in Data Table Activity, it will make you task easier.

Use while loop to iterate through columns like this:

A_test1.xaml (11.0 KB)

Hello Surya, thnx for reply,
Unfortunately this solution is not working, Is there any other Solution available?

ok. I’ve tested it on my machine and works well. Where are you facing issue or did you get any error? Can you please elaborate what it is doing wrong?

Below error I got.

@nilesh.mahajan - This related to version discrepancy , that doesn’t mean that solution is not working.

You could have easily build that activity on your own since @Surya_Narayana_Korivipadu clearly provided the screenshot which includes all the steps…


Ok. Try to drag and drop while loop activity from activities panel and build the workflow as I gave in screenshot. I’ve added one more screenshot in my previous reply. You should increment column number after that if condition as I mentioned in screenshot.

Try it and let me know if you still face any issues.

Thnx Surya, Solution is working fine for me as per expectation.

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Hello Surya,
one doubt, Can we get the Column header name with current cell reference.

Like Below D7 is my current cell reference which I get as your above suggested code.
So now I need to get that cell column header to process accordingly.
From below image I need to get Column header as “MPN1 (Alternate)” as per my cell reference as D7.
Also Can we get the data from 7th row from “A” Column?


In every iteration of for each row, you can get column A value using the command row.item(“Date & Time”)

I’m not sure how to get the column name from the column index. But I found a link, which may help you:

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