How to get Excel auto sum from UiPath

The question is: how to perform auto-sum of certain cells in an Excel workbook from UiPath and get the type of auto-sum value back into the UiPath variable (double, for example, or numeric, number, “0” …).
It is necessary without visualization and preferably without macros.
I use excellent packages from BalaReva, but I did not find a similar opportunity.

Can you send a sample excel file and output how you want??

I am a new user. I can’t upload files.
Task: through algorithms and UiPath tools, get the automatic sum of cells (for example, B2: B11) from an Excel workbook.

Or like this: to simulate an Excel action, the automatic sum and transfer the received value to UiPath in the original received data type (for example, numeric)

Purpose: Check that the auto-sum in Excel recognizes the cells as a number format.

Check this workflow, @Russia_N_Novgorod
Test_3.xaml (6.0 KB)
This workflow may give an idea to you.

Thanks for trying, but that is not it.

This may help couple of our readers of the post: Learn How to Apply Formulas in Excel Automation

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Thank. Good videos.
The main thing is that there is an automatic translation of subtitles into Russian!

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Could you help in this matter?