I am not getting All values using Get Full text

please see screen shot

, left side immediate window , i am getting single value only , but there is remaining 3 values are there but i am not getting those values , please help me how can i ?


Use select item activity if it is dropdown

i want to All Values , not a single value, please help me


Use find childern activity and indicate the dropdown
And then use for each activity to loop the items in the dropdown

Hi @munichandra_kuppani

Run a for each to enter all three values. Use Find Children activity as it’s a dropdown.

Hope it helps!!

that is also not working

using select item we can select single value only right

Yes using select item we able to select one item at a time

why get full text is not working , currently my version 2023.6.1 , do you know , how to go last version to old version UiPath studio


Are you reading the input from the excel.

by url i am scrapping data that reason using get full text


You can extract all the data by using the click activity and the extract data table activity. First click on the dropdown by using the click activity and then use the extract data table activity and indicate the field in dropdown so that all the data can be extracted into a data table variable.



Please perform a click and then perform get full text on the dropdown you get


In the manage package you degrade the version get text activity is a part of UiPath.uiautomation.activities, You get last version