How to Get Date value from Input dialog box


I wanted to get date from input dialog box.

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Hi, @kla,

Please get that as string from input dialogue box…then write a Regex to validate that string…

That will give you the solution…


Better option would be to use
DateTime.parseExact method


MSDN Reference

Simply isDate method also works in UiPath
Note that it will return false for 13-01-2017 which is a valid dd-MM-yyyy date
(Most windows machines follow MM-dd-yyyy format and 13 is not a valid month)


Hi @kla,

Kindly check the attached example. It will validate if the user has inserted a correct date and it will only continue once the date is a valid one.

example.xaml (9.5 KB)


I would restrain myself from doing those generalizations - “most” is dependant on the reader and EU still exists ;). Besides, if you don’t specify a culture or formatting, UiPath uses invariant (basically US formats).
For parsing dates, decimals and other culture-sensitive formats always specify the format or culture that’s relevant. In these cases explicit = better in 99,9% of the time, especially if you have multinational teams. Debugging this later is a pain if it works for some and fails for others.

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need to grow my perspective…:wink:
I’m currently on India format :slight_smile:

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It works fine:) Thanks