How to get css-selector based on inner text

Hi Team
could you please help me to get css-selector based on innertext.

Lavanya A

what exactly do you mean by innertext?

indicate -> then click the drop down button on that activity.

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in a webpage I want to click text box based on label…the text box id is I am finding the element on the textbox name.

if the text box id is dynamic…, in the selector id…, you replace the id with this *

id = 1
you replace with
id = *

yes…based on label name id…i have to pass the value to text box.

try replace the whatever dynamic selector with *


just uncheck the whatever dynamic selector if not needed.

Wifa,I am want css-selector value in variable based on inner text.

then this might be the solution if you know how this activity works

this activity can return the value of your selector attributes:
such as i believe you see ‘aaname’ selectors many times already,
that activity can return the value of the ‘aaname’ selectors.

example in selector:
aaname = LavanyaManoj

with that activity you can print out : LavanyaManoj

there’s ‘innerText’ option that you want in Get Attribute activity.Untitled

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Thank you. based on innertext, I want to get the output as css-selector value.could you please help on this. (10.2 KB)

i can’t find innerText selector in any websites, only found css-selector.
so my example in this workflow is aaname selector -> css-selector.

hope this helpful

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