How to get count values in a column from another Datatable in Linq Query? Please Help

Please help me to solve this.
I need to get the count values (“Y”) in “Col 2” in Datatable 2 for each values in Column 2 in Datatable 1.

What I have:
Datatable 1:
Datatable 2:

What I need:
In a New Datatable:

Since dealing with datatable with large data, I am trying in LinQ Query instead of For Each loop:

Please help me

@GuhanTM Check this Workflow :

I think we can achieve the needed output by applying a Left Join Operation first and then use a Group By and Count Linq query to get the required Output provided the result datatable is already built. (8.4 KB)


Thank you @supermanPunch. Its working as I expected.
Again, thanks a lot.

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