How to get client id,client name and client country from the client security hash assignment

I have resolve the problem by the following method.Pls refer to.
str_ClientInfor = clientInfor.ToString
parts = str_ClientInfor.Split({":",“Client”}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)

clientInfor is generic
str_ClientInfor is String
parts is a string array

this is the result.
Parts(Index) Value
0 ID
1 RU90268
2 Name
3 Veda Blaylock
4 Country
5 Germany


Could you please help me on this one…i am stuck here

Hi, are you still looking for help or is it resolved?

@Aishwarya28 - thank you so much for asking, I am still looking into it…

Hi @Gaurar,

I have used split function as I find it very easy to understand.

Use get text to captue whole client detail section (which includes client id,name,country)

And then split it to get desired text.

Do let me know if you are familiar with this functionality, else I will write the code here.

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I tried a stupid and simple way as it was fixed values to use as per below flow…

First Split the string and later get only required values from Array (result of slipt)

[StringArray] = [string].Split
[required data] = StringArrayAs(2)+"-"+StringArrayAs(6)+" “+StringArrayAs(7)+”-"+StringArrayAs(11)

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If you write the code that would be of great help!

[StringArray] = [string].Split
[required data] = StringArrayAs(2)+"-"+StringArrayAs(6)+" “+StringArrayAs(7)+”-"+StringArrayAs(11)

The response given above by @megharajky is perfectly fine. Please try this.


Here, [string] is the output of gettext activity.
[stringarray] is a variable of datatype=array of string that you need to create.
and then use ‘write line’ to see different values of stringarray(#) to see what value is at which index, and select the required data.

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I took Div as the output of get text activity.I declared Div of type String.When I perform String operations i am getting below error.

Can you please help me with this.


What is the error can you over on the icon and show?

Thank you @Aishwarya28


This is the error am getting at the output of get text activity.

Actually String is not the output type for Get Text, it gives a GenericValue

Change your variable type and the error should go away :slight_smile:

When I change the variable type to Generic value,am getting below error at string manipulation


But why are your using index of?
If you are trying to get the values, you need to use string manipulations to get the ids.

parts=str_ClientInfor.Split({":",“Client”}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)


Works for me.

Hi @sreekanth

I hope you can help me, as it seams that you have great insights.

I have decided to solve get client id etc by using string manipulation as you can see on the first picture. The first picture shows the last assign stage, but I am not sure how that should look like. Any ideas?


I just wanted to understand, if I want to split the data below, how would you possibly change this statement?

Name: xxx xxxx
Address: xxxx, xxxx
City: xxxx

There is no common word ‘Client’ preceeding like in your case.

Thank You,

Just splitting on “:” here.
And then taking the rest from the array.