How to get capture text from web page?

i had a web page, which will display capture, i need to get text and populater at enter capture.I used get text, but capture is not coming. how to solve it?


Hi @MitheshBolla

Use the Get OCR Text and you will get the text from there.


Hello MitheshBolla,

Please Follow the below steps :

  • Use OCR to Read CAPTCHA
    a. Use the “Click” or “Image Exists” activity to locate and click on the CAPTCHA image to open it in a new window or tab.
    b. Use the “Take Screenshot” activity to capture the CAPTCHA image.
    c. Use the “OCR Text” activity to extract the text from the captured screenshot.
  • Extract CAPTCHA Text
    After using OCR, you will have the CAPTCHA text as output. You can save this text in a variable for later use.