How to get array from config file and input by invoke VBA method?

Hi everyone, I’m filtering a pivot table by invoke VBA method in UiPath.
My VBA code is working.
But my purpose is to make this file more user-friendly.
So I’m trying to write dynamic array values in config file.
But the pivot table filter doesn’t work. Attachment is my files.

Any solution to this?
Thank you all in advance!



Config.xlsx (9.4 KB) InitAllSettings.xaml (25.3 KB) Main.xaml (8.5 KB) PivotFilter_Test.txt (2.4 KB) Test.xlsx (13.7 KB)


Try this

Ashwin S

Hello, @AshwinS2
Thanks for you reply. I have already known this activity. But it didn’t meet my requirements.
Actually I figured it out and it is working now.
According the topic below. @tomato25 provide some useful clue. Thanks, bro.

Number of Parameters specified does not match the expected number


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