How To Get API Access Point URL (Base URL) For Adobe Sign Application

How to get API Access Point URL (Base URL) ?

The Adobe Sign activities use an (Client ID*) and (Client Secret) as well as an (Base URL) to establish an OAuth connection between UiPath and Adobe Sign application. This connection authorizes a Robot to call the Adobe Sign APIs and access resources on your behalf.

AdobeSign has region-specific API access point. Make a call to OAuth code flow request and get the API access point.

Below are the steps to get the API access point (Base URL) using browser:

  • Navigate to account’s API information page:

  • Click on the REST API Methods Documentation link.
  • Expand the baseUris section on API documentation page.
  • Click on OAuth Access-Token button and select scope user_login:self.

  • Fill in the credentials. Once successful, the Authorization value field will be filled with valid Bearer token.
  • Click on the Try it out button. The API access point url can be visible in Response Body

  • This url should be provided to AdobeSign scope as Base Url.