How to get all processes running after doing a rdp onto a new server

For me requirement is to do a RDP to a specific server and after logging in to that server fetch all the services running on that particular server.
Can anyone please help me in this. What i am doing is after logging in to that server. i am opening run command and typing services.msc to see the services running. Is there any other way to get the list of services in a array?

Thanks in advance

In Services you can click Action -> Export List to get the list as a .txt or .csv.

You’ll then probably want to move the exported file somewhere that you can access it from the machine that’s running UiPath and work on it from there.

Alternatively, the copy to clipboard activity might work if you open and select all the text assuming a shared clipboard.

You can execute this powershell command as well to shortcut the export process.

Get-Service | Export-Csv -path "C:\services.csv"