How to get all columns from excel without knowing column names

Hi All,

I have to fetch the all the column from excel sheet without knowing the coulmn name.

For ex: i have excel sheet where it has 5 column and now i have written workflow only to fetch 5 column but in future i may add 5 or 10 more extra column to that excel sheet and i don’t want to change any thing in my workflow.

Please help me on this how to write this logic .

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If you are using read range then do not mention range in that activity, so it will read all the data from the excel sheet.

Include “Add Header” property for the Read Range activity, so you will get the first row as your datatable header.

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actually my example is like. i need to get the min and max value from each column …

Please find the attached excel files.
step1: First i have to read the excel file
step2: i need to add those data to queues
step3: get the queues item and i have to do the min and max value operation.

But here above steps i can do only for what the data is there in excel sheet. as of now i have 5 column i have written workflow for that. but in future i will add 10 more extra column to excel sheet. and i should not change any code in myworkflow.

For this i have to use split function , i dont no how to get those column names.
Test.xlsx (8.1 KB)

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As per my understanding I have done something with the given excel sheet.
Check the attached xaml for min max value of each column.

MinMax.xaml (8.3 KB)

Thank you so much @sarathi125 really it helped me so much thank you so much.

I will try to do with the same in queues. if i have doubts i will post it please help me on this.


Hi Sarathi,

Now i have to add all these data to queues , Now in item information , what i have to write argument , so that it will add all the column data’s to queues. there should be only one argument . suppose in future i should not add any arguments in itemj information queues , if i add extra columns in excel.

Please find the attached scrrenshot


If you want to add all these into a single queue item then you can use List Of Integer/Double/string datatype in the collection.

Then you have to add the queue item out of the for loop.

Can you Please give some logic … i’m not getting.if its possible you can write code as you done in previous one. Please if its possible.

Hey, check this xaml. Change the Queue name to yours before run the xaml

MinMax.xaml (11.8 KB)

Thank you @sarathi125 … i will check it now. thanks buddy thank you much… it helped me.

Hi @sarathi125 when i’m running the code i’m

getting below error .

Please help me

Are you trying to use or any own orchestrator

i’m using inside here i’m using local machine my own orchestrator

Oh okay, Just now I ran this and added an queue item with the below xaml, please check.

MinMax.xaml (11.9 KB)

Hi @Kiran_Bg,

Row(0).toString --> Collumn 1

Row(1).toString --> Collumn 3

Row(2).toString --> Collumn 4

always start counting columns from 0

Hi @sarathi125 thank you so much for your continuous responses.
i’m getting missing or invalid property. i’m using 2018.4 version. can you please send me screenshot what you added in queue item. so that i will make changes in my code.


in my properties don’t have ItemInformationCollection. Could you please tell me inside item information what is the datatype and value i have to give . so that i will check

Please update your UiPath Studio to the latest version. I am not able to check with the previous version as mine is the latest one.