How to get Action Center Document Validation Results

Hi Everyone,
i have this use case for a customer.
The robot will download some pdf files (contracts) and will use DU on them, to create Action Center Document Validation Tasks.
In my idea, there should be another robot, async to the first, that should collect validated task from action center, and perform some actions on a CRM.
Now i’m checking everywhere, but it seems that the only way to retrieve validated task informations is with the Activity Wait for Document Validation.
This means that i need to do everything in the first robot?
Is there other ways to retrieve information about validated tasks?

For example, if the robot breaks during the run, how do i get validated task info meanwhile the robot was offline?

Thank you

Hi, @Volgin89

Document Understanding is design to works per document independly in opposite of ReFramework.

Automation Starts > get one document > process that document > finished execution

In case action center is needed, process validation to Acton Center and Suspend the job. When user validate the action, robots come back and running from suspended.

You can separe the CRM action in another RPA that runs when queue item is added. So in DU, after Action Center validation, you send necessary informaton to this queue

Or you can call Run Parallel Process Activity

Hello rikulsilva,
thanks for the reply.
So just to make an example: i have 100 pdf that need DU.
The process runs, take the first, apply the DU and send to Action Center. Is there any chance for the robot, to continue applying DU to other 99 pdf and parallel complete the one that are validated from Action Center?
Might i ask you a code example? Even without variables just with structure.


I will send to you a example.

To process others 99, the robot runs one time per pdf. So when pdf need validation, may you have some jobs in suspend state in orchestrator.

if you try run in the same execution like ReFramework does, when action has been created in action center, job going to suspend state. Then other document will be stay pause waiting for this validation

Ok, but it doesnt seems scalable this way.
How can in an enterprise a robot be stopped till the human validate?
Very strange

Hi @Volgin89

The robot changes state to Suspended.

Robots in Suspended state not consuming licenses even hardwares resources and when starting again, the robot continue where it stopped. If you upload files to storage bucket (in validation action), robot is able to return the process in others available machine.

We implemented DU here using this approach and works pretty fine

kindly look at here

Job States (

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