Document understanding for wait for document validation action and resume activity

Hi i am facing a issue i am using parallel for each for all the action items that has been sent to action center for human validation and puting wait for document validation action and resume activity inside it and below that i am outing export extraction result. When i am runing the flow the bot is suspending at wait for document validation activity and then i am manualy handeling 3 pending documents in action center, then i am resuming it from UiPath studio but it is only exporting the last document that i handeled from action center not the first 2 i want parallely all 3 image data to printed in 3 dicferent excel file. Below attached image is of the workflow for parallel for each

The approach seems to be correct. But the screenshot is not very clear. Can you post a clear screenshot of it to look carefully.

When i am validating all 3 files from action center and then resuming the bot in UiPath studio it is only writing the last transaction that i validated. I want ll 3 to be exported in a file at the same time when i am resuming

In the write range activity, are you using the same output file? In that case, there might be chance that the file will get overwritten. Also just check that all 3 actions are included in the list of Action objects.

Hi thanks for the response, the issue was with action list.

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