How to get access to test manager msi

Please help me, How to download the UiPathTestManager.

Hi @BasiReddy,

At the moment, there is no public trial for Test Manager available. Please contact us to learn how you can evaluate Test Manager.

Omkar P

We contact them but I didn’t get any response from sales team.

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Hey there,

I figured out that now the download of UiPathTestManager.msi is available for anyone. Though, reading the installation guide of the Test Manager (Installation) it seems to me that you also need to have installed the Orchestrator which seems to me to not be available for users of the community edition. Is that correct? So when I want to try working with the Test Manager I still have to contact the sales team?

Thank you and best regards

Hi @Remoo0o

It is true that the Test Manager is currently only available for on-premise installations as an add-on to the existing Orchestrator installation.

Currently, you should be able to test it out by requesting an on-premise Enterprise 60-day trial.

Otherwise, we do realize the convenience of the cloud offering and we are working on enabling further products on Automation Cloud.

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