How to get a value from a row based on a specific column value?


I need to get “Sch.Start Date” value from the table only if “Task Type” value is Repair.
Note: There could be many rows in this table, so I am a bit confused about how I could do this most effectively.
I scrapped this table and assigned it to the data table variable.

What is the best way of achieving that?
Thanks in advance. :pray:


Hi @bp777

You can use the Filter Data Table activity to filter out only rows with the Take Type “Repair”.
All the filtered rows will be readily eligible for consideration.


If you can export the list to Excel, @RPAForEveryone is comment might be helpful.
But if you can’t export it to excel, you can read the data with the get text activity in the Loop and process it if the Task Type value is Repair.

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Hi @ridvanucok,

In this case, it’s better to use Data Scraping (About Data Scraping).

Then, use Filter Datatable activity as suggested by @RPAForEveryone


@bp777 Judging by the above line, I assume you’ve been able to successfully read (scrape) data into a datatable.
If the table shown in the screenshot is perfectly extracted by data scraping, then Excel may not be required to perform data manipulation.

Use Filter Data Table activity such that your original table, say dtOriginalData stays the same, and you assign the filtered data to another datatable variable, say dtRepairData.


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