How to get a value from a cell without getting the formula

Hello to the whole community!!!
I would like to draw your attention to a problem I recently encountered concerning the extraction of a value from an excel cell containing a forum.


I would like to extract the value shown in the first column; the problem is that this value is generated by a formula and therefore I try to extract it using the “Read Cell” activity, which generates the following error:
Can not get a numeric value from a error formula cell.

I suppose it is an error generated by the presence of a formula in the cell in question.

Can someone help me?

I would be very grateful.

Thanks for the attention.

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Thanks, Read cell would return value generated by a formula. If there are no restrictions, please upload work flow and excelt for checking issue.

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Hi, was this resolved? I too am experiencing an issue retrieving a the correct value from a cell that contains a formula.

The value in the cell will either be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ depending on result of formula. When formula shows ‘Yes’ then UiPath Workbook Read Cell returns ‘No’, always.

The formula counts the blank values in 3 cells from one column and 4 cells from another column, and if true returns ‘Yes’ else ‘No’.

The formula is: =IF(AND(COUNTIF($I$3:$I$5),"")=3, COUNTIF($E$3:$E$6),"")=4),“Yes”,“No”).

I can’t use the App Integration version as needs to run ‘silently’ without opening Excel.

UPDATE: This does work with Excel Application Scope and ReadCell, the implication that WorkBook Read Cell does not cause formulae in sheet to be calculated as file not ‘opened’ in the same way. I’ll have to use the Application Scope in order to retrieve values, thought it is a pain.

A solution from UiPath needed here, or is this a limitation?

Use read Cell Inside Excel Application Scope, will throw an out of the cell value.
read cell from workbook activity will throw the formula from the cell


I know this is old…but…

Due to the limitations of Excel App Scope when it comes to add-ins (and you can’t use it basically as it breaks add-ins), is there another way of getting the result of a formula driven cell using Read Cell from workbook activity instead? Our use case is getting the month from an info/config file.


This is really a pain, i am currently experiencing this, i am using a read range activity, instead of returning the values in the sheet it returns “##########” because of the formula

you should invoke vbnet code in uipath to implement the value copy&paste only.