How to get a specific text from email body

Hi, I am new to UiPath and have been trying to read mails and extract email id mentioned in the body of each email. I got through extracting data of mail body but i couldnt get the email ids from it.

For eg,
Below is a sample mail

Hi Raj,
Please mail the loan documents for final processing.
Send it to to get it approved
For further queries, reach out

In the above mail content, I need to get the email ids which are mentioned in the body and store it in a data table. Kindly help.

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Use below regular expression to get Gmail id from body of the mail.


Hi @harishk5,

Welcome buddy to UiPath Community…! Thats a good question to start with…!

Kindly find the below xaml for your reference, hope this would help you…! (1.9 KB)


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Thank you Lakshman for giving an idea, but the email ids present in the mail body wont follow same format like ‘.test’ and also the domains change. To be precise, i want to get any type of email address that are present in the mail body and the only common thing is ‘@’ symbol and ‘.com’ text.


Try below regular expression:


Hi @harishk5,

If you see in the text the email has a prefix as “to” and the email ends with “for” and this pattern will be followed in all the mails i think

If yes, then use the below regex, which extract all the emai id’s

(?<=to )(.+)(?= for)

Use Matches Activity in user sequence and click on configure regular expression

then you get a window in that select regex as email like shown in image image , give input as your email body and for each out put variable to get the mails or else use ([\w.-]+)@([\w.-]+).([a-zA-Z]+) reqular expression in matches activity do the same. image


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